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Mary McElya

Ice Packs on the Move

My Relief Wear is patent-pending cold therapy clothing. We change the process of icing painful aches and joints. We provide the freedom of mobility, thin anti-leak packs, we make clothing that look and feel cool.

Our Mission & Vision


To move closer, every day, to making pain relief and comfort synonymous. We work so people can look cool, move cool, feel cool, and live cool.


Tomorrow is the day we don’t have to stop to ice pain because there is too much to be done.

Live Cool by Fall

Purchase your My Relief Wear on  September 15th, 2021.  For only $50.00.

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What Makes My Relief Wear Cool

Our First 3 products: MRW Women's Legging, MRW Men's Short, and MRW Women's Short
You can request where you want your ice pack.
Our pictures show where we can place them
(you don't have to have all the packs on your My Relief Wear).
<strong style="user-select: auto;">Move Cool. Feel Cool. </strong><br><strong style="user-select: auto;">Look Cool. Live Cool.</strong>

We are sure to sell out. So be the first to know when we launch.

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